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                About Us ConnectChina (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

                奈特華(上海)商務咨詢有限公司是ConnectChina Ltd (英中經貿發展中心)的上海辦公室。我們的主要服務項目包括:商業研究、商務溝通、商務考察、商務配對、項目管理、QUICKSTART英國和商務活動組織。我們的總部位于英國哈德斯菲爾德,在倫敦有辦公室。

                我們母公司英中經貿發展中心 (ConnectChina Ltd)在國際商務方面擁有四十多年的專業團隊合作經驗,並且二十多年來專門從事中國商務發展。成立于2004年,奈特華是英國北部最大的私立咨詢機構,一直致力于爲那些在中國和英國及歐盟間開拓貿易和投資業務的公司或機構提供獨立的、專業的一系列支持服務。我們已組織和促成多次中英貿易訪問和商務合作洽談,並幫助800多家公司及組織機構在中英發展業務。

                我們在各領域有著廣泛的合作網絡。在英國,我們與一些重要機構關系密切,包括:利物浦投資貿易署、創意謝菲爾德、Business Link、利茲市政府、中約克商會、利茲商會、布拉德福商會、赫爾商會、羅瑟勒姆市議會、利茲華人協會、英中貿易協會、48家集團和英國出口學會;在中國,我們在政商界都保持著良好關系,其中包括英國駐北京大使館、英國駐上海總領館、英中貿易協會、浙江省政府、杭州市政府、揚州市政府、西安市政府、中國貿易促進委員會各地分會、浙江省對外服務公司、中國國際經濟技術交流中心(北京)、歐洲商會等。



                ConnectChina (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is the Shanghai office of UK company, ConnectChina Ltd. Our main services include: business research, business communication, business visits, business matching, project management, QUICKSTART UK and business events. Our HQ is based in the Northern Powerhouse in Huddersfield and we also have an office in London.

                Our UK HQ, ConnectChina Ltd, has more than 40 years expertise and experience in international business and over the last 20 years, this has focused on developing business between UK & China. Founded in 2004, ConnectChina is the largest private consultancy in the north of England providing a range of services to facilitate businesses and organizations to develop trade and investment in China, UK and Europe. We have helped more than 800 companies to develop their business between China and UK through our services and including organizing many business visits and business meetings between China and the UK.

                We have extensive networks across all sectors. In the UK, we have close relationships with key organizations, such as Liverpool Vision, Creative Sheffield, Leeds City Council, Leeds Chamber of Commerce, Hull Chamber of Commerce, Bradford Chamber of Commerce, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, CBBC, 48 Group Club and Institute of Export. In China, we maintain good relationships with business and political circles, including the British Embassy in Beijing and British Consulate in Shanghai, CBBC offices, Zhejiang Provincial Government, Hangzhou Municipal Government, Yangzhou Municipal Government, Xian Municipal Government, CCPIT, Zhejiang Foreign Service Corp., China international center for economic and technical exchanges and European Chamber of Commerce, etc.

                Additionally, we are member of the 48 Group club and Mid-Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce and we have a good reputation in both UK political and business circles.

                Whatever stage you are currently at with developing your business in China together with our network of established partners across UK and China, we can provide independent specialist expertise to make sure you achieve your goals whether it be SOURCING, SELLING OR INVESTING.

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